Membership Policy

Membership in One God ~ One Voice will run from January 1st through December 31st. There will be an open enrollment period by audition each year during the summer and winter seasons.
  • Minimum age for membership is 18
  • All applicants will be asked to audition with the Director
  • Annual membership dues are payable in January, or at time of enrollment
  • New members enrolling mid-year will be assessed the full fee
  • Members must attend ¾ of all rehearsals and ¾ of all meetings in order to retain voting privileges
  • Members will attend rehearsals, support performances and participate in all fund raising

Attendance Policy

In order to participate in performances, members must be prepared. Therefore, the policy for attendance is as follows:
  • Members are expected to attend all rehearsals
  • Dress rehearsals are mandatory
  • If a member misses 3 scheduled rehearsals per performance season, (January - June and July - December) they will be notified in writing that their ability to participate in upcoming performances may be jeopardized
  • At that time, it will be the director’s decision as to whether or not the singer is ready to perform
  • Written notification to the board for any additional anticipated absences will be requested
  • As a courtesy, written or email messages of advance notice for vacations, work conflicts, and other planned absences is requested. These should be sent to the director or the president
  • The board of directors, on an individual basis, will address any continued violations of this policy