Key People

Terry Sparks - Director
David Cutler - President
Deb Lawson - Vice-President
Paul Fink - Treasurer
Marusia Zearfoss - Secretary
Faye Bevard - Librarian
Joan Farrell & Angela Gill - Board Members-at-Large
Jim Moler - Accompanist


Director - Terry Sparks
Terry is the founding director of OG~OV. She is the Minister of Music at Christ Reformed UCC, Middletown, MD. She has sung professionally with the Washington Opera, Wolf Trap Opera and Washington Concert Opera, and is a member of several professional organizations. Terry gives private voice lessons in Middletown, MD where she resides. Her vision embraces evangelical ministry for audience and choir members alike who, although being from diverse backgrounds, are especially emphathetic for each other's contingent joys and adversities.