I will praise God's name in song and glorify him with thanksgiving.                                                   Psalm 69:30


One God ~ One Voice was originally formed as the Christ Reformed Community Choir in 1997, to perform in Vienna, Austria as part of their annual Advent Festival. Following a very rewarding trip, the group decided to continue their relationship, and to expand membership beyond the original participants. In the summer of 1998, Christ Reformed Community Choir became a qualified, tax-exempt corporation and offically "One God ~ One Voice, Inc." While the majority of performances are conducted in local churches, the choir has also made a trip to Europe, performing a Papal Audience at St. Peter's Square, followed by participation in a choral festival in Tuscany. In addition, they have twice performed at the White House during the Christmas tours, helped to raise funds for other non-profit groups. Annually, the choir can be seen in their Spring and Christmas concerts, performing at local venues as a fundraising event, and also at various locations during the Frederick Tour of Historic Churches in late December between Christmas and New Year.


Contributions to One God ~ One Voice are tax deductible. The choir is an all volunteer organization, and as such, reaches out to the community with several fundraising activities to help cover the costs associated with music, constumes, travel and various other items. Fundraising includes asking for Free Will offerings at performances, sales of prepackaged food products, and selling advertising space in performance programs. The final activity is solicitation of contributions from individuals and organizations. For more information on how you can make a tax deductible contribution to One God ~ One Voice, please contact us at our email address.